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22 May 20
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How to Avoid Eating Hidden Gluten and Wheat
Navigating the maze of foods containing gluten and wheat can be daunting if youre intolerant or allergic to these substances. For some, eating a bit of wheat or gluten will produce mild symptoms that are inconvenient at worst. For others, ingesting such foods can be life threatening.
26 May 20
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How To Create Ambiance With Candles
With our contemporary, demanding lives, it is all too easy to treat your home like a hotel. Many individuals spend less than five waking hours a day in their home and, unfortunately, it often shows too. Many people's homes have changed back to 'cold' houses where you store your stuff, do your laundry and sleep. In other words they lack warmth and personality.
24 Jun 20
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How to Prepare a Dinner Party When You Are Busy
If you are a sociable kind of person, one of the things that you probably enjoy doing is hosting guests for dinner parties. Indeed, preparing a dinner party can be a lot of work, involving a lot of cooking, food preparation, table setting, and tidying up.
19 Jul 20
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Keeping Your Dining Room Table Clutter-Free
Is your kitchen or dining room table a repository for everything that people can not be bothered to put away? In between meals does it get piled up with the post, books, school bags, hats and shopping just because people are too idle to put things away?A gorgeous looking table is a delightful sight, whether you prefer a highly polished surface or whether you like to see a tablecloth or a runner.
08 Aug 20
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Kitchen Cabinets Help Make a Kitchen Perfect
When you stop and think about your home what places come to mind that you spend the most time? Maybe you would like to say your bedroom so that you could get some more sleep, but more than likely the time spent awake in your home isn't the bedroom. It might be the office due to working from home. Maybe it is the family room due to the love of watching television together as a family.
20 Aug 20
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Kitchen Supplies Make a Difference
Cooking and the culinary arts are among the fastest growing recreational activities in the last few years.
05 Oct 20
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Outdoor Barbeque Grills
Choosing outdoor barbecue grills can feel like a challenge, but it can actually be a fun process. You might feel overwhelmed by the selection of bbq grills on the market. You might also have little to no experience with grilling or the barbecuing process. If this is the case, you need to start slow and make a careful decision.
26 Oct 20
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Patio Tables For Year Round Enjoyment
Patio tables offer homeowners a place to enjoy their porch or patio year round. It wasn't so long ago that the great outdoors could only be enjoyed seasonally, but with today's screened-in patios, covered porches, gazebos and decks, it's not uncommon to find families gathered outside for a meal 365 days a year.
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