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November 20, 2020
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Not Only Paying for Food, But Also Paying for Service

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More people are now making dining at a restaurant a part of their lifestyle. This trend has resulted in an abundance of restaurants. Food used to be the major factor for dining at a particular restaurant, but now customers are looking for more features. The quality of service is now another important factor people take into consideration when choosing a restaurant to dine.

The staff works on the front lines of the restaurant. They are the people customers deal with throughout the dining experience. Staff should be friendly, outgoing, have good listening skills, and hard working. The staff should reflect the restaurant ambience. Customers will return to a restaurant that has great staff.

When people walk into a restaurant, they want to see staff wearing clean, pressed, and professional uniforms. If it is a restaurant that seats the diners, they should be greeted by a warm and welcoming smile. They expect politeness and friendly conversation. As well, the staff won't be chewing gum or wearing off-putting accessories like a nose ring.

Customers will assess the quality of service by how well the waitstaff attend to their needs. The servers should be able know the customers' wants without having to ask. This can include asking if they want a glass of wine or other beverage right after the customer sits down. As well, the server should ask if they would like to order an appetizer while they wait for their meals. It is important for the waitstaff to anticipate their diner's needs.

A customer should not have to look around for their server. The server should keep an eye on their customers and know when they need assistance. The customer should have their water, coffee or other beverages topped off without having to ask. The server will also politely ask, without interrupting diners' conversation, how they like the food.

The diner's food will arrive hot and in a reasonable amount of time after ordering. The utensils and plates, and glasses will be properly set. As well, each dish will have its own utensils. The waitstaff will be courteous and respectful throughout the meal. After diners have left, the waitstaff will make sure tables are cleared, cleaned, and reset quickly.

Servers will be trained in proper table service, and be knowledgeable about the menu, food, and wines. They will also know how the food is cooked and key ingredients in each dish. As well, they will know what the daily specials are. They will be prompt, attentive, and mannerly. The diner will feel as though they are pampered.

Servers should be respectful to diners who are not happy with their meal. They should politely return the food and accommodate the customer with a new dish or substitution. They should also be patient and respectful to a complaining customer.

The restaurant staff will have a major influence on a diner's experience. The staff must be there to assist the diner when needed, and be out of the way, but nearby, when not needed. How the staff treats a customer will affect if a diner returns to the restaurant. When dining at a restaurant, one will be paying for both the food and quality service.


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