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July 17, 2020
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How To Make Mexican Paper Flowers

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Learning how to make Mexican paper flowers such as those that you see in some of the stores around town or on some of the television shows on the T.V. is not as hard as you might think. Although after I was involved in a devastating car accident a while ago, and had been bed ridden for many months with no transportation, I thought that learning to make these and other paper flowers might be something difficult for me because of no prior interest. I began looking for alternative activities to get involved in (besides watching television!) and I eventually discovered how interesting and gratifying making Mexican paper flowers can be.

Making Mexican paper flowers gave me an outlet of how to express myself through creativity. Not only is it an inexpensive hobby, but it also is very relaxing and when you finally have a finished product it is exceptionally rewarding. I thought that it would only be an activity I would perform during my recuperation period, but I was wrong. Making these Mexican paper flowers has now become one of my favorite pass times.

There are only a few items that are needed to make a Mexican paper flower. Tissue paper or crepe paper, pipe cleaner, twisty wire tie, scissors, ruler, coloring markers, perfume, and an imagination. Most of these items can be found in your kitchen cabinets, tool drawer or at the local store. Then once you have all of the needed items and hardware for making those Mexican paper flowers the fun begins.

Here is your first lesson learning how to make Mexican paper flowers:

1) First, you want to make the leaves, so you cut a pile of 6 to 10 pieces of paper 10 inches wides, and 14-20 inches long.

2) Next, you want to make approximately 1 inch folds in the layers (accordion style).

3) Then you need to tie the middle or the accordion with a twisty wire tie. Then you get to use your creative mind and trim all the edges with your scissors.

4) Then, start at the outside of the flower and start to bend each piece of tissue paper in half (be very gentle with this step).

5) The last step is use the pipe cleaner for the stem of your festive Mexican paper flower and as a special additive you can also spray that Mexican paper flower with perfume to make it perfect.

A situation arose in my own life where friends of my family commented on how original and gorgeous the Mexican flowers I made were. This made me feel extremely good inside. I then began to explain how easy and inexpensive it was to do and the enjoyment I felt while doing it. Later that year, my family and I were at their house and sure enough they had a vase full of Mexican paper flowers displayed in the middle of their dining room table.

Once you actually design and create a Mexican paper flower you will see how much fun and relaxing it is. It can become quite an addiction because you always think of different shapes, colors, or sizes to make the flowers depending on the mood your in that day.

Even if making Mexican paper flowers is not your preferred style, making other types of flower crafts such as paper flowers or origami flowers might be. Discover what countless other people have who have enriched their lives creating beautiful paper flowers either for a living, as a regular hobby or even just as a skill in their arsenal to expand their minds. Don't delay and get started making beautiful and gratifying paper flowers today!


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