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July 7, 2020
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How A Digital Menu App Can Revolutionize The Dining Experience For Customers

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The newest revelation in the food service and hospitality industries are digital menus. These menus are powered by thin tablet computers and enable the display of an interactive and digitized menu variant. The following points will serve to highlight how such innovative approaches to dining truly revolutionize the experience for patrons.

Static Menus Are Boring
Paper menus have no flare. They use static text descriptions to entice patrons. With a digital menu app, however, now your menus come to life. Previously boring paper menus are gone, and are replaced with high resolution and interactive digital versions. Now patrons can explore an exciting menu that is technologically advanced and far more enticing.

Vivid Imagery
According to numerous recent studies, pictures of food actually sell more food because they make patrons hungry. Imagine this power translated over to the digital menu app. With high definition pictures of food, customers see what they want to eat before they order it. This method has been shown to exponentially increase sales.

Desirable Amenities
There are some other desirable amenities that such profound apps have to offer. For starters, they are more attractive than paper. Digital menus also can feature functions such as a request wait staff button for table service, instant digital food and drink ordering functions and even a payment at table or request bill functions.

Easy to Use Interface
The interface for the digital menu app is designed to be user friendly. Everything does what it says. Customers slide or tap their fingers across the touch screen to access various parts of the menu, view menu items and so forth. Everything is clearly labeled, easy and fun to use for customers.

Word of Mouth
Word of mouth is the best form of advertising that money is simply unable to procure. The more methods that a business has of spreading word of mouth advertising, the more patrons that they can hope to attract. With a digital menu app, it's easy to enjoy free, viral advertising such as this. When people become excited about a new experience, they want to tell everyone they know. Imagine who they would tell about your fancy new digital menus?

Social Media Sharing
Don't forget about social media sharing. The average Facebook user has more than 100 friends. So this can put into perspective the power of sharing features that can be imbedded in these software applications. When customers are able to share their dining experience by pressing a button on the menu, imagine how many people are suddenly informed about a restaurant. What would that do for word of mouth and social media advertising?

Actionable Feedback
One final note on how a digital menu app can help you drive more business is that it presents an invaluable means of gathering pivotal customer feedback about their engagement. This is feedback that customers can submit via the "feedback" feature on the tablets and in the software. Such priceless customer response allows restaurants to make pivotal changes before they lose their customers for good. Many guests will be inclined to use this digital method to apprise you of their satisfaction levels, easily making it a very desirable feature of digitized dining.


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