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March 4, 2020
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Decorating With Fabric

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Fabric is ideal for decorating for Holiday Parties or Weddings and adds an elegant touch to your designs. There are many types of fabrics that can be used, from inexpensive cottons, light weight muslin and elegant sheer fabrics. They can be used as window dressing, Christmas Tree Skirts, Mantle Cloths, Table Runners, the list is endless. All you need to do is choose a color scheme and decide how formal you want your home to be. In this article I want to focus on the many uses for Sheer Drape Fabric.

Wedding Reception Fabric.

One of the many uses of Sheer Drape Fabric is decorating Wedding Reception Tables. Sheer Drape Fabric, that is only about 28 inches wide, is perfect for nearly any decorating design. There are elegant silver Sheer Wedding or Holiday Fabric and Gold Sheer Fabric Drape. Use Sheer Wedding Fabric down the center of the table with clear mini lights underneath. Gather it up and swag it around the edges of the tables over top of a tulle table skirt. Use gold Sheer Fabric Drape to dress up a chair back. Drape the Sheer Fabric over chair backs either by itself or over top of plain white or ivory fabric. These beautiful fabrics can be used around an arch or draped around doorways or windows for a very elegant look as well. You can make a loose knot in one end to form a flower or puff design to add dimension in your window or doorway design.

Christmas Holiday Fabric.

Sheer Christmas Decorating Fabric is elegant and there are also styles with glittered leaf patterns added and even a most elegant Sheer Poinsettia Fabric. There are many decorative uses for Fabric during the Holidays, starting with the Christmas Tree. Sheer Holiday Fabric can be used in your tree like bead garland and adds the most elegant look. Then the same or contrasting Fabric can be brought down beneath the tree, around the base, for a stunning Christmas Tree Skirt. Red and Gold Sheer Fabric can be draped across the mantle piece, with or without mini lights beneath. You can tie a puffy knot, near the end of the Sheer Fabric, on either side of the mantle piece.

Create an elegant entry by weaving Gold Sheer Fabric through your lush green Artificial Garland on the stair rails, even draped over the doorways leading from your entry. Hang Sheer Poinsettia Fabric as a sheer curtain on a window in your dining room, with clear mini lights behind, for a very romantic feel. Use a Sheer Fabric Drape to create a focal wall by simply draping it down a wall, add a romantic touch by hanging clear mini Christmas Light Bulbs, with a soft twinkle, behind the fabric.

Incorporating Clear Twinkling Lights with the Sheer Drape Fabrics in your decorating adds a soft warm effect to your lighting and the over all feel of the room. These lights have a remote that makes it is easy for you to control the way the lights twinkle.


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