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October 26, 2020
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Patio Tables For Year Round Enjoyment

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Patio tables offer homeowners a place to enjoy their porch or patio year round. It wasn't so long ago that the great outdoors could only be enjoyed seasonally, but with today's screened-in patios, covered porches, gazebos and decks, it's not uncommon to find families gathered outside for a meal 365 days a year.

While you used to be able to get away with a simple picnic table, regular entertainment outdoors demands something a little more user friendly. Fortunately, manufacturers saw this trend some time ago and created lines of beautiful patio tables that are every bit as lovely as their indoor counterparts.

Patio tables can go anywhere, from poolside to the garden and they come in all sizes and shapes.

One of the newest trends is patio tables that are taller. These are often known as pub tables. They comfortably seat two to six and have matching chairs that are also higher. They offer homeowners a nice, casual place to have a drink, get a bite to eat or even play a game in the warm summer weather. They are great near a barbecue area where you need to keep watch on your grill while still entertaining.

Of course, what outdoor space is complete without patio tables for eating? Large outdoor dining room tables can seat up to a dozen comfortably these days, allowing all your guests to enjoy the food and company around a single table. You can even get patio tables with leafs, so you can adjust the size to meet the needs of the crowds you're expecting. Just be sure to add an umbrella if you're not already undercover to keep the sun off your guests while they dine.

Another great option for patio tables are smaller bistro tables. These are terrific for several guests to enjoy their time together and you can actually get several bistro tables so they can be spread around the yard or deck to create casual conversation getaways. These also work well around the pool, giving family and guests a place to set their drink, sunscreen and sunglasses while they take a dip.

One of the great things about patio tables is you can mix and match them. You can select a singular look, say built around a specific design or material, and add specific pieces to your outdoor areas, such as a large dining table on the deck, a matching bistro table and smaller accent tables near the chairs or chaises.

Speaking of accent tables; that's one of the best things about patio tables today. They come in a range of sizes, so you can choose tables that match the needs of specific places outdoors. For example, you can select accent tables that will fit perfectly between two chairs or chaises, providing sun-worshippers with a convenient place to put a book down or to refresh themselves with a cold drink.

If you're having trouble finding just the right tables in your local store you may want to go online. Selection is broad and deep online and you'll be able to not only choose a style, but select several different tables all in the same family of design, finish, color or material. Most reputable online retailers offer free shipping, an added bonus, especially if you have a small car instead of a pickup. No need to borrow or rent a truck.

When you're planning your outdoor spaces, remember to keep them flexible. People like to move their furniture around to follow the sun or the fun and you don't want to cram your deck or patio so full of furniture that it's tough to get comfortable. And be sure you leave well thought out traffic spaces so people can easily move from the house, out on the deck or patio and down into the yard.


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