at Sir Walter Apartments


Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Am I allowed to bring in outside catering?


2.    Am I allowed to have music (including a live band and/or DJ)?

3.    Am I allowed to have alcohol?

4.    Am I required to provide a liquor permit?
      YES. You will need to obtain a day permit from the NC ABC Commission.

5.    Do you have a preferred Vendor List?

     YES, but it is not mandatory that you choose from our list. 
    The Virginia Dare Ballroom at Sir Walter Apartments Preferred Vendor List

6.    Where can my guests park?

     There are various parking decks surrounding our building. The closest include, theSheraton Hotel Parking Deck

     (416 S Salisbury Street), The Cabarrus Street Deck (436 S Salisbury Street), Hannover Parking Deck (434 S Salisbury

     Street), Moore Square Parking Deck (233 S Wilmington Street). For more information,
     please visit

     For advanced street closures, please visit

7.     Am I allowed to burn real candles in the ballroom?

     NO. Candles are strictly prohibited from the ballroom.​We do allow sternos for warming food.

8.    Am I allowed to use a smoke machine in the ballroom?

     NO. Due the sensitivity of our smoke detectors and sprinkler system, smoke machines are not allowed in

     the ballroom.

9.     Am I allowed to put decorations on the wall?

       NO. Decorations that may cause holes in the wall are prohibited from the ballroom.

10.    Am I allowed to hang decorations from the chandeliers?

        NO. You are not allowed to hang any objects or decorations from our chandeliers.

11.     Does the prep kitchen have utensils?

       NO. We do not provide you with utensils, flatware, tableware, or glassware of any kind.

12.    How many tables and chairs do you have?

       We have a total of 150 folding chairs, 20 rounds (60"), 6 cocktail tables (32"), and 13 rectangular tables (4'[2 in total], 6'[6 in total] & 8'[8 in total]).

13.    Can we use the lobby?

       NO. All guests are asked to remain inside the ballroom.

14.    Can we have a cocktail hour on the landing to the ballroom?

​       NO. All food and beverage must remain inside the ballroom at all times.

15.    Can we post signs outside letting our guests know where we are?

       YES. Posting signage outside is permitted, however, it is your responsibility to remove it at the end of the event.

      *Restrictions do apply. Ask for use of our liquid chalk board.


16.    Can we cover the large (red) mural of Sir Walter on the far wall?

      YES. Guests are welcome to rent pipe and drape to cover the Sir Walter mural. Please refer to our Preferred Vendor Listingfor Themeworks contact      

      information, as they have pipe and drape that reaches our ceilings.

17.    What are the dimensions of the ballroom?

      31' wide x 97.5' long with 18' ceilings

18.    Do you have handicap access?

      YES. There is a handicap lift on our main street level entrance; it will take your guests up to the ballroom door entrance.

19.    How do I secure my date?

      We require a security deposit and signed contract to secure any requested date. Our policy is first come, first serve. Verbal notice, a phone call or

      email stating you mailed a check or money order, nor a signed contract without payment will secure a requested date.

20.   When do I have access to the room? Do you allow rehearsal dinners the night before for weddings/wedding receptions?

       Weekday rentals have access from 7:00AM - 11:00PM (Monday - Thursday)
       Weekend rentals have access from 7:00AM - 1:00AM (Friday - Sunday)

       Unfortunately, we do not currently offer rehearsal dinners the night before, as we offer full day rentals. To utilize the ballroom the day before, we

       require a second rental.

21.    Is my deposit apart of my final payment?

      NO. Your deposit is not deducted from the full payment of the ballroom.

22.    When will I receive my deposit back?

        Deposits are returned up to 30 days following the date of your event, contingent upon the your

        observation of our policies and procedures. *Please view our full ballroom contract for full details.

23.    What if I need to cancel? Will I lose my deposit?

      Cancellations must be made within 30 days prior to the your event date. As long as we are notified in writing,

      within this time frame, your deposit will be returned within 30 days of the cancellation date. Our email is

24.   When can I schedule a tour of the ballroom?

       To schedule a tour, please contact our Ballroom Coordinator, Gail Royster, 919.333.8826.